Things I Want To Accomplish Before 2019

Hey guys! Welcome back! I wanted to share with you the things I want to accomplish before 2019. The year is coming to a close very soon and there are a few things I want to have under my belt by the time the new year rolls around. This pertains to school, my life, and the blog.

1. Read a book. This may seem so simple, but I really want to read a book (that’s not assigned for a class) before the year is over. I love reading and I have so many amazing books that I want to read, so I think this is an appropriate goal.

2. Have a fun day completely for myself. This semester has been crazy, so before the end of the year I want to have one day that is completely for me to do whatever I want. It’s a day for me to not relax and not worry about responsibilities or anything like that.

3. Collaborate on at least two blog posts. I really want to connect with other bloggers, so if you are looking to collab let me know in the comments. It doesn’t matter if your blog is brand spanking new, the oldest blog on the block, or somewhere in the middle.

4. Be a better friend. My social life has been suffering lately and I really need to get better at it. I need to try to carve out time for socializing and not worrying so much about all the things I have to do.

5. Get to 500 followers. I really think we can get there. We are at a little over 450, so I think it’s definitely possible for us to get to 500. So share the blog with your friends and make sure you’re following!

6. Continue to grow on social media. I have started utilizing Instagram more (geekygirl415). I post pictures about products I love, brands I am working with, and more. I am super active on Twitter (geekygirl415), so be sure to follow me there. I am trying to find fun things to do on Facebook (Love, Geeky Girl). I am thinking about starting to do live videos and things so go follow us there as well!

7. Reorganize. There isn’t a part of my life that does not need to be organized. So hopefully within the next couple of months I can get my life together and get organized again. Sometimes things just kind of fall to pieces, so I need to work on that.

8. Start planning blog posts for 2019. It seems so far away, but I know it’s really not. Having ideas on what I want to write about ahead of time will make things easier in the long run. If you have any requests leave them in the comments.

9. Make Bible Time a priority. Sometimes this one kind of gets lost in the shuffle, but I really want to get back to making it a priority. It is such a great way to start my day and I really need to get back on track.

10. Try new beauty products to blog about. Okay, I know this is a fun one, but making it a goal justifies it right? I’m going to go with yes! I think it’s just really fun to blog about new products and try new things.

These are all the things I want to accomplish before 2019! What are some of yours? Let us know in the comments! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like if if you did. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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