My KL Polish Collection

Hey guys! Welcome back. I’m sorry for getting this out so late, but I wanted to get it up today so I don’t fall behind. I am going to share with you my KL Polish collection. In case you didn’t know, KL Polish is a nail polish brand owned by Kathleenlights, a popular beauty vlogger on YouTube. She releases collection every season with shades and styles popular at the time. Right now I have seven shades and I love all of them. I plan to buy more in the future. So if you are interested in knowing what shades I have in my collection right now, just keep reading.

1. Paper Snow. This is a classic white shade. It looks absolutely flawless and is great to do nail art or French Tips with.

2. Gum Would Be Perfection. This is a bubble gum pink shade. It’s another solid, matte color. It’s great for Spring and Summer.

3. Gumption! This is a really dark, deep navy blue. It’s beautiful and also matte. I think it is perfect for winter.

4. Charmed. Charmed is the first shade I ever bought. This is the shade that caused me to really get into KL Polish. It’s a kind of metallic shade. It’s blue and purple duo chrome with some shimmer. I think it’s perfect for any time of year.

5. That’s What She Said. This is another metallic shade and super fun! It’s kind of a gold/copper shade with a ton of shimmer. Another beautiful shade you can rock any time of year!

6. Ace. This is a beautiful, matte deep red shade. It is the perfect shade of red. It will also look great any time of year, but I especially love it for the Fall months.

7. Marshmallow Sunset. This is another shade I was really excited for. This is another white shade, but it’s different from Paper Snow. Paper Snow is a solid matte shade, while Marshmallow Sunset has a pink cast to it and it has shimmer. Another beautiful shade for any time of year!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Have you tried KL Polish? What shades do you have in your collection? What shades do you think are staples? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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