Fitness Routine

Hey everyone!

Today I am going to share with you my fitness routine.

I work 5 days a week, Monday-Friday. I do have a workout partner. Her name is Lorin.

I did not know what workouts I wanted to do but I used to help.

You can create a custom plan and they even make a calendar for you and it helps you schedule your workout.

They include workout moves that can be done strictly at home or a gym.

I do legs on Monday, arms on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, arms on Thursday and full body Friday. I do abs/core everyday along with my other section of my body.

Here is a few moves that definitely work great for each body part.

Abs: crunches, twisted crunches, bicycles and leg raises

Legs: leg press, squats (weighted and unweighted), calf raises and hamstring curls

Biceps and Triceps: barbell curl, cable pull-ups and pulldowns, dumbbell curl and overhead dumbbell extensions

Shoulders: shoulder press and dumbbell press

Chest: chest press and dumbbell flys

Back: shrugs (barbell or dumbbell) and the row

I think working out helps me a lot with staying healthy but I can never commit to a diet and it shows when I eat too much junk before a workout.

I plan on bringing in the new year with better eating habits.

Thank you for stopping by and reading! See you soon!

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