Why Chelsea Joined The Love, Geeky Girl Team

Hey guys! It’s Chelsea!

When I saw that there was an opening to join the team here at Love, Geeky Girl, I was super thrilled! I love writing, particularly blogs. I love it so much, it’s part of what I do for work! I do content creation, social media, and web development for a company here in Lynchburg, VA. Plus, I run my own blog.

You could say that blogging is a passion of mine.

I’ve been reading the Love, Geeky Girl blog for a decent while now. I’ve really enjoyed the content I’ve seen, and I even tried out some new makeup products based on recommendations from Samantha, our leader and the owner of this awesome blog.

Working on a small team for a lifestyle/beauty blog is such a unique experience for me and I love it! It’s an opportunity to collaborate with other bloggers and get exposed to more writing styles and ideas.

Samantha is such an encouraging and easy person to work with too! She’s done such a great job building her blog up. She is definitely goals!!

I really hope that I can bring another unique perspective to this awesome blog – I hope you guys love to read everything as much as I love to write it!

And thanks again to Samantha and the Love, Geeky Girl team for the opportunity to work together!

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