Study Tips For The Weekend

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I wanted to talk to you about how to study on the weekend. College can be stressful at times, and without the right balance it can cause more stress than necessary. So today I thought I would give you a little insight on how I use my weekends productively and my tips for studying on the weekend. I really hope you find this helpful and this gives you useful tips that you can apply when it comes to studying and doing assignments on the weekend.

Tip #1: Rest. The first tip I have for you is not a tip at all, but it is super important. It’s really important to take care of yourself and make sure that you are recharging your batteries. You can’t fully function unless you are resting and not pushing yourself past your limits. The weekend is a good time to take some time for yourself. Read a book, go for a walk, paint your nails. Do whatever you need to do to relax and take your mind off of everything. You will be much more productive once you are rested.

Tip #2: Have a study schedule. It’s important to set aside time every day to read, work on assignments/papers, and study. Your daily life may vary and the weekend is no exception. So it’s essential to make sure you create a schedule and use your time wisely. This way, you can get things done and still have time to do what you want to do. It really is all about time management and making sure you are getting the most out of all of your time. When you start feeling unprepared or procrastinating, that is when your assignments and studying takes over your weekend. So working on things a little at a time will really help you.

Tip #3: Do things chronologically. I always do my assignments in order of when they are due. So I start with my class schedule and look at my planner to see when what is due. Then I just start knocking things out. It feels so good to be able to mark things off of my to do list, especially on the weekend. I like to get as many reading assignments as I can out of the way so I can focus on other things during the week. It just helps me feel more productive and removes those things from my list because I know I won’t want to do them during the week.

Tip #4: Clean your room. This may not seem like a study tip, but I assure you it is. It is nearly impossible for me to be productive in a dirty and cluttered room. So before I start studying, I always make sure to clean my room and tidy it up. It helps clear my mind so I can focus on what I am doing with my assignments. A clean room helps motivate me to really sit down and get to work on what I need to do.

Tip #5: Turn off all distractions. Keep the TV turned off. Close out of distracting tabs if you are on your computer. Silence your phone. These things are likely to distract you and consume you if you aren’t careful. To be focused and productive it’s important to have as few distractions as possible. Keep technology use to a minimum and focus on getting as many things done as you can.

Tip #6: Take Breaks. It is perfectly acceptable to take breaks, especially on the weekend when you have more time. As I said before, it is so important to rest and make sure you are staying on top of you mental health. Don’t force yourself to sit and work for hours on end because you and your brain need a break. You need some time to process what you are doing. So go for a walk, get some food, take a shower. Just clear your mind and relax. It’s the best thing for you sometimes.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let me know what your favorite weekend study tip is in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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