Morning Routine

Hey guys! Welcome back. This is the first piece by our newest content creator, Regina. This is her morning routine!

Focus:  Your Morning Routine

“Wake up and smell the morning routine.”  

Some things are simply non-negotiable and that, my friend, is exactly how I feel about my morning routine.  

In the past mornings were an absolute struggle, and they still aren’t my preferred time of the day. However, I decided to make peace with it the best that I can.  There are still days when the anvil is sitting on my eyelids trying to persuade me to just roll over and forget the rest of the day, especially on the days when I arise before a 14-hour day due to waking 2 hours earlier than my planned time.

So, it’s 4 am. 5:45 clock in at work will be present before I know it.  “So, why wake up at 4 am” you may ask. Reason: 4 am is to prevent the chaotic, fogged face rush that usually occurs when you wake up jetting out of the bed, stumping your toe on the first bedpost, couch corner, or shoe on the floor, and then rushing out the door half alert and just remembering that you need a shower. Too much!? No, you’re probably rubbing that hurt toe as you read this.  

My belief is that the way you start your day or maneuver aids in how you approach it. And stressed and rushing isn’t the mode for me.  

Awakening to waves crashing on my alarm and the natural light from the moon, my routine starts with a trip to the Keurig to get the comforting aroma of bean brewing. A small splash of Oreo creamer to my Java and grasping my comforter as I channel the inner Linus within, I find quiet, comfort, and focus within the day’s devotional.  

A full hour passes before I head to the shower to send up my prayers and wash away residue physically and spiritually.  Everything from the smell of the soap to the lotion that I use provides calm and purpose. Intention and purpose combined with discipline make each moment something to look forward to day after day after day.  

I encourage you to ensure that from the moment you open your eyes and take that stinky dragon breath in that you apply purpose and intention to all that you do.  It’s a beautiful use of time and a blissful reminder of gratitude and focus on the things that truly matter.

Give it a try. Set your alarm an hour before your rise and grind time and dedicate it to just relaxing, refreshing and investing in yourself, without the distractions, stress, and rush. Your mind and body will thank you for it.   

As a bonus, include journaling into your morning routine.  It’s a good place to revisit at the end of the day, week, or month. So, cheers to your morning routine. It’s the first step in your successful day.

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