Chelsea’s Night Time Routine

Hey guys, Chelsea here again!
Today I’m going to talk about the pieces of my nighttime routine and how it helps relax me to prepare for sleep. There are some variations involved, which I’ll definitely explain, but overall it’s about the same every night.

First thing I do is take my dog out for a walk. I go ahead and do that first so that I can work on calming down and relaxing while I’m doing the rest of my routine. If my husband is home in the evenings, he does it instead.

Then I start getting myself ready for bed. I take a shower (if I’m going to). Usually these are quick, and I use either my Bath and Body Works Water Collection body wash or my Skin and Co Blue in Capri Shower Gel on a loofah.

If I wash my hair, I’ll use my Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner. I don’t wash every night because I dye my hair both for fun and to cover up the early grey I’m getting. The Aveeno products are color safe as well!

After my shower, I’ll wash my face. Most of the time, I use my Formula 10.0.3 Be Berry Ready Moisturizing Cleanser. Then I tone with my Mario Badescu Facial Spray in Cucumber, Aloe, and Green Tea. Finally, I moisturize with my Ponds Dry Skin Cream. Sometimes when I wash my hair, I’ll use a face mask like the Bath and Body Works CocoShea Cucumber Face Mask or the Aveda Hydrating Mask while I blow dry my hair.

Once I’ve showered, I’ll blow dry my hair with my Eva NYC Mane Magic spray to help deal with with tangles and shorten dry time. I’ve got fairly short hair, so it doesn’t take me too long, luckily. I also make sure to take my evening allergy medication.

After I do those things, I’ll set my alarm for the next day. Unless I have somewhere to be, I’ll usually get up around 9am to get my work done and keep a good sleep schedule. If I’m going somewhere in the morning, I’ll get up around 7 or 8am.

Lastly, I set up my essential oil diffuser with lavender and cedarwood oils to help promote relaxation! I use my lavender sleep lotion from Bath and Body Works to moisturize my hands, and then crawl into bed.

I hope you guys got some inspiration from my nightly routine! Do you have a special routine before bed? What’s your favorite part? Tell us in the comments!

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