How To Declutter Your Closet

Hey everyone! It’s Vinchelle here again!

Today I am going to share with you how to declutter your closet.

If you are like me, you have tons of shoes and clothes just kind of everywhere.

I am going to give you a few rules to go by when going through your closet.

Rule #1

If you have not worn it in the last 6 months or in the last season of weather, it is time to let it go.

I tend to hold on to a lot of my clothing items because they have “sentimental” value.

I have recently went through most of my clothes and have given away 5 full bags full of clothes I have not worn in the past 6 months.

Rule #2

If you no longer can fit the item or it is not in your size range anymore, it is time to let it go.

I always tell myself I am going to slim down or workout and I’ll be that size again. Well it is not going to happen by tomorrow. When you reach the size you want to be, just buy new clothes.

Rule #3

Keep your shoes for every occasion but if you do not wear for such occasion, let them go.

I also hold to my heart all of my shoes. I work at Designer Shoe Warehouse and I think I buy a pair of shoes every two weeks.

My excuse for not giving them away is I need each shoe for a certain occasion. I do honestly wear the same 5 pairs of shoes all of the time. I have given away shoes from a past season or simply just not my style anymore.

Rule #4

Get that shoe organizer you say you never need.

A shoe organizer is a blessing. You can sort by shoes you wear all of the time and shoes you never pull out.

Rule #5

Make sure every piece of clothing as a place.

In my closet, I have it color coded only because it is easier to see what I need to wear for what occasion. I also keeping all of my socks and undergarments separate from my clothes.

You can get different colored hangers for your delicate clothes or to sort out your favorites.

I hope this helps you to declutter your closet! See you again soon.

3 thoughts on “How To Declutter Your Closet

  1. These are great rules. My closet is one area that I clean out every year. I always find myself getting rid of at least 1 bag full of stuff each time. I don’t know where all that stuff comes from but it’s always there. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. I’m actually in the process of trying to replace pretty much my whole closet! I have a habit of buying clothes that are just “eh” and then never wearing them, so I’m trying to only buy pieces I love and slowly get rid of the things I never wear! It’s taking quite awhile but I can’t wait to have a closet full of options I’m excited to wear 😊 really relatable post I liked it!

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  3. I’ve recently transitioned my wardrobe from the wrong season to the current one, and I still don’t have room for all (half) of my clothes. I really can’t wait til we get a house, so I can upgrade from the half apartment closet I’m squeezing my wardrobe into now 😂

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