Hey guys! Welcome back. Before I started college, and a little into my first year, I thought having a bedtime in college was ridiculous. I thought one of the points of college was to stay up late and work really hard and never get any sleep. I mean, that’s how college was portrayed to me. But I quickly learned that it just wasn’t practical. I now pride myself in going to bed at a decent time. Now, I’m not saying I get eight hours of sleep every night, but I get more than two or three like some people I know.

Honestly, not getting an adequate amount of sleep just isn’t healthy. Your body and mind need rest to refresh and restore. Not giving yourself that time will ultimately prevent you from retaining information. It doesn’t do any good to finish an assignment if you aren’t going to learn anything from it. It does you no good to stay up until 2 a.m. studying for an exam if you won’t remember it six hours later. You need sleep.

Having a bedtime isn’t a bad thing. If you know your sleeping habits, having a set time to sleep is actually very beneficial. Are you a morning person? A night owl? Plan your schedule around this so you can sleep more. If you are a morning person, you can schedule classes in the morning. If you are more of a night person, don’t schedule yourself for early morning classes unless absolutely necessary. Even then you can train yourself to become a morning person.

It is key to figure out how much sleep you need. A recommended eight hours is often said to us, but not everyone needs that much sleep. Some people can go on just seven hours and some can even get away with five to six. The important thing is to not short yourself of the amount of hours you need. Make sure you are allowing your body to sleep as much as it needs so you wake up rested and focused.

Focus on what time you have to get up. What time you need to go to bed can always be altered, but the time you have to get up can’t be. So it’s important to look at the time you need to get up so you can set your bedtime based on that plus the hours of sleep you need. So if I have to be in class at 9:30, I set my alarm for just before 8:30 so I can hit snooze once or twice. This way you aren’t going to bed at 9:00 every night if you don’t need to.

Don’t rely on the weekends to catch up on sleep. Your body can only sleep for so long at once, so you really aren’t catching up. And you can use that time on the weekends to go ahead and get things done so you have more time during the week to sleep. It is really important to use the time you have productively when you can, so saying you will catch up on sleep on the weekend is not necessarily accurate.

With all this being said, I hope I have convinced you that if you don’t already, you need a bedtime. I know it sounds childish when I say “bedtime”, but realistically, you need a set time to go to sleep. You need rest and time to refocus. Don’t short yourself because in the long run you are only hurting yourself. Do you have a bedtime? Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are.

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