Reader Survey – January 2020

Hey guys! Welcome back. It’s the end of the first month of the year which is crazy because it went by so fast! I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day. So one of the things I wanted to do at the start of this year is a reader survey. It will help me get to know you guys better and create better content, products, and resources that you want to see. I haven’t had a reader survey in quite some time so we are extremely overdo.

So if you don’t mind, please take a few minutes to complete this survey. I will be looking over them over the next few days and writing down the ideas, tips, and responses that you guys have. None of the questions are mandatory, so if you don’t have an answer don’t worry about filling it in. Answer the questions that you want to. To get to the survey, click here and it will take you there.

Thank you so much for your time! I look forward to reading all of your responses and improving Love, Geeky Girl for this new year and this new decade!

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