Dani’s Goals For April 2020

By: Dani Kessel

It’s the beginning of April, and I want to take a different approach to planning than I usually do. I’m not into New Year’s resolutions. I don’t like setting long term goals because I think they’re generally inefficient. But I’ve decided to give monthly goals a shot. I want to focus on my mental health, my productivity, my hobbies, and my relationships. In order to do this, I’m creating this list.

Here’s what I want to achieve this month:


  • Drink 6 glasses of water every day


  • Finish knitting the scarf I’ve been working on since December


  • Stretch or do yoga for 15 minutes every day


  • Read at least 2 books


  • Learn about 1 new subject


  • Express my appreciation for someone I love at least twice a week


  • Dedicate 1 hour a week to songwriting or playing the guitar


  • Call a friend once a week via phone or video


  • Take 1 photo every other day


  • Engage in my support group once a week


  • Call my dad once a week


  • Do an emotional check-in every other day


  • Practice ASL/SEE every week


  • Evaluate my goal achievements and struggles every Sunday


  • Decrease negative judgments towards others


  • Plan weekly “me” time


  • Spend 1 day a week without any social media 


  • Color in a coloring book for 30 minutes a week
  • Practice ASL twice a week


  • Plan a date with my partner


  • Finish 5 more activities in my mental health workbook


  • Get more sleep


  • Bite my nails less


  • Take my medications every day


Those are my April month goals. Hopefully, because my goals are more specific and measurable, I will be able to achieve as many as possible. The truth is, these activities would help maintain and improve my mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It’s not selfish to put myself first. The metaphor is accurate; I cannot pour from an empty glass. I need to help myself if I want to help others.

Do you make monthly goals? If so, what are your goals for April? Do you have any suggestions on ones I could add? Let me know in the comments below!

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