Learning To Be Limitless: A New Journey For Us To Go On Together

Hey guys! Welcome back. I wanted to come on here and share with you something new that I have been working on. As many of you may know I have dabbled into the podcasting world a bit in the past. But I could never find the right message and the right way to do it. It just never really felt right before.

But now after weeks of planning, designing, and preparing I am finally ready to announce that the podcast is ready. It is called “Learning To Be Limitless” because I feel that we could all work on overcoming the limits and the roadblocks that we have in our life. I will be sharing things that I learn, thoughts I have, and ideas that I think of to help you live a life beyond the limitations that you or other have for you.

Every Monday and Thursday (with the possibility of bonus episodes throughout the week), I will be uploading new episodes to the podcast. And I am excited to be able to not only share this journey with you, but for you to be a part of it as well. You can share topics and questions you would like me to talk about by sending them to lovegeekygirl@gmail.com or message me on social media!

I am so excited to be able to share this with you and I am also excited about all the things I have planned! So if you are interested in listening to the podcast, I will leave the link here. Be sure that you go subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss any future episodes and I will be uploading the first episode later on!

Instagram: lovegeekygirlblog

Twitter: readgeekygirl

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