Weekly Recap #31: Bank Account Troubles, Working At A Grocery Store, And A New Movie

Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you had an amazing week! Today I am back with another weekly recap. I’m going to walk you through the highlights of my week and share the big things that went on. This week was full of highs and lows, so it should be a pretty interesting recap. So if you want to hear more about how my week went then just keep reading!

Monday was a pretty interesting day. Some good things happened and some not so good things happened. But more on that a bit later. I put up a new podcast episode on Monday. In the episode I share how you can find your hidden gift and why I think it is important to know and understand what your gift is. Because I do believe we all have one.

I also put new arrivals on the boutique. I had been slacking so much on the boutique for a while, but I am finally getting into a groove of things, so I hope to get back to it consistently very soon. But for now there will be new arrivals every Monday and Friday. If you want to check out the boutique and buy some new clothing, I will leave the link here so you can check it out!

On Tuesday I went to work. I also found out that someone had got into my bank account and spent a whole bunch of money. So not only did I lose a bunch of money, but I also had to close out my account and now I’m still waiting for a new debit card. So Tuesday was not the best of days for me. I try not to be too upset about it, but when something like that happens it’s never a fun thing to deal with.

I went to work both Wednesday and Thursday, so there wasn’t really anything too exciting those days. On Wednesday night we did watch The Wrong Missy on Netflix. I highly recommend it if you like funny movies and just want to watch something lighthearted and silly. But other than that nothing new or major happened on either one of those days.

Friday was my second day off this week and I really tried to enjoy it. I got up and made myself some breakfast. Then I ended up taking a bubble bath and really just relaxing for a little bit. Then I recorded a new podcast episode that I put up later that evening. It was all about steps you can take to feel more financially secure in uncertain times. I also did my nails and a face mask that evening.

Saturday I went to work and it wasn’t anything too exciting. Pretty much the same as always. It’s still super busy, especially on the weekends and there is never a dull moment. But other than going to work I didn’t really do anything too exciting. And that’s basically how my week went. Still bummed that my bank account was hacked, but hopefully soon I get my debit card (and hopefully some of my money) back and life can move forward.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what the highlight of your week was. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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