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Things I Want To Accomplish Before 2019

Hey guys! Welcome back! I wanted to share with you the things I want to accomplish before 2019. The year is coming to a close very soon and there are a few things I want to have under my belt... Continue Reading →

How I Stay Motivated

Hey guys! Welcome back! I hope you are all having an excellent week. I am freezing over here because my dorm currently does not have heat. I know, it's great. But it's fine. Really. But that's not what this is... Continue Reading →

What I Did To Grow My Blog

Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are all having a good week. Yesterday I posted about my advice for new bloggers. So today I wanted to share the things I did to grow my blog. These are tried and... Continue Reading →

Advice For New Bloggers

Hey guys! Welcome back. Blogging is becoming more and more popular and I know that several of my followers are just beginning or started within the last few months. So I wanted to give you all some advice. Even if... Continue Reading →

Join The Team!!!

Hey guys! Welcome back. I am currently looking to add new people to the team here at Love, Geeky Girl. Below I will outline all the positions available and descriptions of each one. I am looking for people who are... Continue Reading →

Reader Survey: Fall 2018

Hey guys! I wanted to pop on here really quick and let you know that I am doing a reader survey, so I can cater to you all more. It's just some general questions and your answers will help a... Continue Reading →

Check Out My Pinterest Account!!!

Hey guys! Welcome back. I am currently working on my Pinterest account, so if you would like you can follow me on there. I will have boards on blogging, business, success and more. Pinterest is a great tool to use... Continue Reading →

The Changes Coming…

Hey guys! Welcome back. I wanted to come on here and give you guys a little blog update. It's been a while since I did a formal update on things that are going on, so I wanted to give you... Continue Reading →

Starting A Business?!?!

Hey guys! Welcome back. I have some exciting news to share with. If you saw my last post you know a little bit about what is going on, but I didn't disclose all the information. Basically what is happening is... Continue Reading →

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