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Things To Do In Between Classes

Hey guys! Welcome back. If you are in college you know that sometimes you have gaps between your classes. Sometimes it is a short amount of time, sometimes it's a pretty large amount of time. So what do you do... Continue Reading →

The Best College Classes I Have Taken

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you the best college classes I have ever taken. These are all (or mostly) gen ed requirements. I wanted to create this list in case you end up in some of these... Continue Reading →

Tips For Being Successful In Online Classes

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today Vinchelle and I wanted to share with you some tips for being successful in online classes. Online classes are different from seated classes, and the kind of things you have to do are quite different.... Continue Reading →

What Are General Education Requirements?

Hey guys! Welcome back. With a new semester looming over our heads, I thought it would be a good time to spend the next couple of days on some college-related topics. Today I wanted to talk about gen ed requirements... Continue Reading →

College Classes: A New Student’s Guide

Hey guys! Welcome back. I apologize for not getting this up yesterday, but a lot of unexpected things came up and I didn't get a chance to write this and get it posted. But it is here today. I am... Continue Reading →

Back To School Series #14: Things To Do In Between Classes

Hey guys! Welcome back. College can be stressful at times, but it's also really great. The reality is, you won't always have all of your classes one right after the other. You will have some time in between classes at... Continue Reading →

Back To School Series #12: How To Survive Evening Classes

Hey guys! Welcome back. I last did a post on how to survive morning classes, so now I want to do a post completely dedicated to surviving evening classes. I have had an evening class before and honestly it's not... Continue Reading →

Back To School Series #11: How To Survive Morning Classes

Hey guys! Welcome back. It's impossible to avoid morning classes sometimes. We all fall into them at some point in out college career. Those 8 a.m. classes are the worst because we don't always have the motivation to get up... Continue Reading →

Six Things You Should Do The First Week of Class

Hey guys! Welcome back. Christmas is over for the most part and in just a couple of weeks we will be headed back to school. Some sooner than others. It's not always easy starting back in a new semester after... Continue Reading →

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