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Coffee Chat: Feeling Overwhelmed About The Future

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I wanted to talk to you about the future. More specifically, my future. This may be super short or super long. It just depends on how long I decide to go on. Basically what this... Continue Reading →

Things To Stop Doing In 2019

Hey guys! Welcome back. 2019 is in full swing and I wanted to talk to you guys about things I want to stop doing in 2019. I really want this to be a great year, full of growth and progress,... Continue Reading →

Even In My Darkest Moments, Life Will Get Better

Hey guys! Welcome back. Blogmas is officially over, and I am back to doing regular posts. If you have any requests, leave them in the comments. Today I wanted to share with you something that has been on my mind... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day #6: Christmas Traditions I Want To Have

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I wanted to share with you Christmas traditions I want to have. There aren't Christmas traditions I have because if you saw Blogmas Day #5 I mentioned that I'm kind of in that in between... Continue Reading →

Does Your GPA Matter?

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I thought I would talk about GPA in college and what it means for the future. Ultimately it depends on your plans for the future. If you plan on furthering your education at some point,... Continue Reading →

How My Life Is Changing

Hey guys! Welcome back. I thought I would take this time to share with you how my life is changing. Not just right now, but also in the future. The time is flying by and I know the next few... Continue Reading →

Feeling Inadequate and Self-Doubts

Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. Today I want to talk to you about how I have been feeling lately. These past couple of months have been filled with stress and constant worry. What... Continue Reading →

Life Update

Hey guys! Welcome back. I don't really have an actual post idea today because I'm not feeling super inspired. But I have been working on some future plans and I thought I would share them with you all. If you... Continue Reading →

Is Your Future Hindering Your Present?

Hey guys! Welcome back. There are times we all dream about our future. The life we will have, the family we will, the house we will have. We spend so much time planning for the future that sometimes we miss... Continue Reading →

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