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Why You Should Track Your Habits

Hey guys! Welcome back. Everyone has habits, whether they are good or bad. They effect who we are, what our days are like, and sometimes how we view and impact the world around us. So today I decided to talk... Continue Reading →

Mind Changing Actions To Start Your Day Off Right

Hey guys! Welcome back. Since it's Monday and the start of  new month, I wanted to share with you some of the things I believe help me have a good morning and start my day off on the right foot.... Continue Reading →

Habits For Keeping A Clean Dorm

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I wanted to share with you some tips for keeping your dorm (or home) clean. Keeping my dorm clean is something I want to keep up with this semester and I wanted to share with... Continue Reading →

Getting A Routine & New Habits

Hey guys! Welcome back. As we begin a new school year I think it is important to discuss routines and habits. It can be easy to fall into being lazy and not caring about how things get done. But that... Continue Reading →

It Is Never Too Late To Start These Five Habits

Hey guys! Welcome back. Happy Thursday. I know that most people make New Year's Resolutions and then hardly keep any of them. However, you don't need a new year to make positive life changes. You just have to make the... Continue Reading →

Ten Things You Must Give Up To Move Forward

Hey guys! Welcome back. We all want to move forward. We are all looking for ways to progress and excel in life. But sometimes things hold us back. Sometimes we can't let go of certain things or certain practices and... Continue Reading →

Should You Write Everyday?

Hey guys! Welcome back. A long-standing questions among writers is whether or not you should write everyday. Some argue that writing everyday is a good thing, but others think it cause you to lose your passion and drive. That it... Continue Reading →

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