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Things I Learned About Love After My Parents Divorced

Hey guys! Welcome back. When my parents got divorced, it wasn't a complete shock. I had known it was coming for a while, even if they didn't. My parents are both very stubborn people, so it took a lot for... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day #10: Gift Ideas For Your Parents

Hey guys! Welcome back. When it comes to Christmas shopping for parents is the hardest part. They almost never tell you what they want, it's impossible to find something they will like (and use), and it's just super stressful. So... Continue Reading →

What To Do When Your Parents Don’t Understand Your Mental Health

Hey guys! Welcome back. When you have a mental health issue or concerns it is critical to have people by your side who understand and support you. Your parents are ideally supposed to be the most important people in your... Continue Reading →

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