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Spring Giveaway!!!

Hey guys! I decided to do a giveaway for all of you since Spring is coming and I am feeling particularly generous. I am going to be giving away a box full of my favorite things ranging from beauty to... Continue Reading →

Ways To Get Ready For Spring

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I am sharing with you some ways to get ready for Spring. I love the changing of seasons because it's like a fresh start all over again. I love being able to renew and revive... Continue Reading →

Spring 2019 Night Routine

Hey guys! Welcome back. A few days ago I shared my Spring morning routine, so today I decided to share my night routine. It's pretty basic, but I think a few things are changed so I am going to share... Continue Reading →

My Spring Wellness To-Do List

Hey guys! Welcome back. I wanted to share with you a few things I want to do with the change of the season to help myself. I am calling it my "wellness to-do list" because these are things that are... Continue Reading →

My Spring 2019 Morning Routine

Hey guys! Welcome back. Spring is almost here which means it is time for me to switch up my morning routine. In case you didn't know, my routines change with the seasons. This ensures that I don't get bored and... Continue Reading →

Semester In Review & Summer Plans 2018

Hey guys! Welcome back. This semester was killer! Literally it was the semester from Hell. But I survived it and managed to come out somewhat sane. I got all of my grades today and decided to do a little update... Continue Reading →

Spring And Summer Beauty Essentials

Hey guys! Welcome back. I apologize for being absent this week. I had finals and was busy with that and work. But I am officially home so I can start posting on the regular again. It seems to me as... Continue Reading →

Dorm Spring Cleaning

Hey guys! Welcome back. Dorm spring cleaning is a lot different than regular cleaning. This is serious. You need to really get stuff together so that during finals you are working and living in a clean and organized space. If... Continue Reading →

Shop My Lala This Weekend!!!

Hey guys! Welcome back. Spring is finally (mostly) here, for better or worse. So I wanted to give you guys my affiliate site for My Lala Leggings in case you are itching to do a little shopping this weekend! All... Continue Reading →

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